• This form can be used to summarise incidents for statistical purposes. It collates the information from incident forms to keep in one central file. It is used to identify trends to present at health and safety meetings. The process for reporting, recording, investigating and analysing all accidents, incidents and work-related illnesses is outlined in the...

    $ 3.00
  • This procedure outlines the process for reporting, recording, investigating and analysing all accidents, incidents and work-related illnesses. The procedure follows a process of why, how, who, when, review and includes a list of the other related documents that can be used.

    $ 25.00
  • This complete health and safety system is suitable for an organisation of up to 15 workers. It comes with a manual that documents a health and safety system under three headings; Management of Our Obligations, Management of Workers and Management of Others. Each section includes procedures and a list of the relevant documents.

    $ 391.30
  • This form is used to undertake and document an accident or incident investigation. It follows on from an Incident Report form and documents the details as well as determining the factors related to the accident or incident. This form is to be used for minor to mid level accidents.

    $ 5.00
  • This form is used to  document contractors approved to work with your company. It tracks the progress from initially sending out a letter and questionnaire (to request health and safety information), to when the contractor is approved. The process for managing relationships with contractors is outlined in the Contractor Management procedure.

    $ 3.00
  • This policy outlines a commitment to ensure workers who have been injured can return to the workplace as soon as practical. It covers workers who have been injured at work and through outside activities.

    $ 8.00
  • Get a risk management pack (including procedure and forms) for a discounted price. Contents of the pack are usually worth over $100.

    $ 89.95
  • This system is suitable for businesses who already have good health and safety systems in place but want to improve their fleet management practices & may wish to apply for the ACC Fleet Saver Programme. It contains adaptable policies and procedures as well as template forms, all designed with the ACC Fleet Saver Programme in mind.

    $ 304.35
  • This policy covers a commitment to work in a manner which will not harm the environment. It outlines the environmental protection principles to adhere to in order to achieve the aim of not harming the environment.

    $ 8.00
  • This form is used to document the  criteria to assess workers' competency when using specific items of plant. The purpose is to ensure a consistent standard is met across the company. This document includes examples with plant items and the tasks required and knowledge assessed. These are only examples and the criteria needs to be tailored.

    $ 8.00
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    $ 44.34 $ 52.17 -15%

    The Health and Safety at Work Act has introduced personal duties on directors and senior managers.  This pack includes a policy, procedure and forms to use to assist companies in meeting these requirements. 

    $ 44.34 $ 52.17 -15%
    Reduced price!

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