Avid Plus offer a range of services for your business. We provide health and safety advice; business and leadership advice; auditing and assessments; online safety learning tools, and downloadable health and safety documents. Our digital resources are available for a wide range of industries and requirements.

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The Avid Plus team specialises in everything health and safety, but that’s not all we do. We also provide services on the all of government panel as well as a range of business and leadership solutions. Avid Plus works across a wide range of disciplines and operates to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to organisations.

Our team is hand-picked from the consulting industry to ensure they are qualified, industry respected professionals with relevant qualifications, experience, certification and insurances. This means that we are able to share our substantial wealth of knowledge and vast experience across the public sector to encapsulate our client’s requirements.

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Firstly a big thank you to you all for making the time and effort to attend and present to our Conference and AGM. We have had one of the more successful Conference and AGM’s for many years and what members that did attend, they came away very happy and positive about the content that was delivered. The Health & Safety Workshops were a hit and hit home how important those key areas are that you spoke on.

A fascinating presentation that was very well received, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Something out of the ordinary that I think has certainly made some of our customers take note of their compliance requirements.

Robyn worked with our early childhood service to ensure we incorporated effective health and safety systems. Robyn has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she brought to her consultancy role with the Wild Things team. She unpacked health and safety to make it meaningful to our service. I would highly recommend Robyn and the work she did with our service was invaluable.

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