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Hazardous Substance Management

Hazardous Substance Management

We can provide you with the following services:

Inventory development

Avid Plus can work with you to develop a compliant inventory. To comply you must document the hazardous substances you use and that are on site and the hazardous waste that may be produced in your workplace. Keeping this up to date is important, not only for compliance but especially in emergency situations and when reporting to emergency services.

Site assessments

Avid Plus can undertake a site inspection of your hazardous substances management and give you a detailed report that outlines requirements, opportunities for improvement and possible solutions.


Avid Plus can provide internal hazardous substances training courses for management or workers and provide advice about what training is right for your business. Avid Sims also provides an option for electronic training either with the generic Sims or developing your own.


If there are other areas of hazardous substance management you require assistance with or have questions about the services above, please get in touch.

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March 12, 2022
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