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Empower your organisation with purposely developed training packages to ensure your team has the knowledge to create a safer workplace and maintain your health and safety systems.

Health and Safety is a complex and technical subject that spans all facets of business; the critical element of your health and safety programme’s success is your team understanding and embracing it. To help achieve maximum buy-in; training your team will focus them on the outcomes of good health and safety practices and the benefits to them.

Avid Plus provide training within your workplace to develop the skills necessary to maintain a working health and safety system that is specific to your needs. You will find our training relevant, informative, practical, and effective which will enable you to optimize your teams’ engagement with health and safety practices. We work with you to fill in the gaps you have about health and safety; providing training in areas such as:

How to run an effective health and safety committee;

Identify and reporting hazards;

Working out relevant controls;

Managing an audit;

Gaining a better understanding of your legislative requirements.

Contact us to understand more or to make a booking about having a tailored training session arranged for your company; or to learn about any upcoming group workshops we may have scheduled.

Health and Safety Training for Directors

Directors, Board Members and High Level Managers need to be equipped with the information and tools they require to lead and manage health and safety in your company. Engage Avid Plus for a custom management level training solution where we focus on how to lead and engage everyone in the organisation on the best health and safety outcomes. Ensuring success from the top down.

Contact us to make a booking or find out more.

Avid Plus Master Classes

Do you already have health and safety knowledge? However, are there gaps in your knowledge that just aren’t being filled by regular training?

If you answered yes to both those questions, then our health and safety master classes are for you!

Master classes are focused on filling gaps and adding depth to your existing knowledge. We can adapt our classes to suit your business, needs or knowledge base. Half day and full day classes available. Contact Avid Plus to find out more.

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