Planning and Review
October Avid Online Guide

This month we are focussing on planning and reviewing. This is a crucial part of your health and safety system, and without adequate review it is hard to know what areas to improve on:

Are you assigning health and safety responsibilities?

Are you reviewing your health and safety system annually?

Are you setting health and safety objectives annually?

Avidonline has a Planning and Review document pack that will help your company in addressing these issues. The pack contains:

Procedures included:

Planning and Review

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Forms included:

Annual Health and Safety Objectives

Annual Health and Safety Review Meeting

Compliance Schedule

Health and Safety Meeting Agenda

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Health and Safety Schedule

This pack will assist you to focus on continual improvement of your health and safety management system:

The Planning and Review Procedure outlines the actions and the process to follow.

The Health and Safety Responsibilities Procedure outlines the process to follow for assigning health and safety responsibilities, these can then be documented on the Health and Safety Responsibilities form.

Use the Annual Health and Safety Review Meeting form to assess your health and safety system, it outlines what you need to cover.

The Annual Health and Safety Objectives form is to write up the company’s objectives for the year.

The Compliance Schedule has identified the health and safety legislation and guides, you need to tailor this to meet your company’s needs.

Use the Health and Safety Schedule to document the routine tasks throughout the year and sign off when completed, e.g. ladder and electrical safety checks, health and safety meetings etc. The Health and Safety Meeting Agenda is to be used for the meetings throughout the year, this ensures all relevant issues are reviewed regularly.

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Planning and Review Procedure Health and Safety Responsibilities Compliance Schedule Annual Health and Safety Objectives


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