For workers to work in a safe manner it is crucial that they have been provided with adequate training. Workers must be supervised until they are competent. Companies need to:

Identify training needs either internal or external

Train and supervise

Assess the workers competency

Document training

Review and retrain if required

Avid Online has a Training document pack that will help identify and manage training requirements. This pack contains:

Training Procedure

Forms included:

Competency Assessment Criteria

External Specialists / Trainers Register

Hazardous Substance Skill Assessment

Induction Checklist

Internal Trainer’s Record

Skill Assessment

Training Evaluation

Training Matrix

This pack will assist you in identifying and managing your organisations training needs:

The Training Procedure outlines the actions and the process to follow

The Competency Assessment Criteria is used to document the internal training criteria that you would assess your worker against; examples are given

The External Specialists / Trainers Register is to document the skills of the trainers to ensure they are the right people to be using

The Hazardous Substances Skill Assessment form is to document the workers competency assessment using a hazardous substance

The Induction Checklist is for when a worker first starts with the company to ensure you have covered all topics

The Internal Trainers Record is for documenting/justifying the skills of your workers you have chosen to be internal trainers

The Skill Assessment form is to document the workers competency assessment using an item of plant

The Training Evaluation is completed by the worker to evaluate the training they have received

The Training Matrix is a record of both internal and external training

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Induction Checklist Internal Trainer's Record Skill Assessment Form Training Matrix