Risk Management

Identifying, assessing and managing risks that your operation poses is the central aim of the health and safety system. It is also a legal requirement to provide a safe working environment by managing these risks.

Without an effective risk management process, you can be focusing your efforts and resources on the wrong issues and leaving your organisation exposed.

It is crucial for your organisation to work through the risk management process and tailor the system to meet your needs. All our forms may not be needed for every business and you need to tailor the forms to be specific to your organisation.

Avid Online has a Risk Management document pack that will assist you to manage your organisation’s risks. This pack contains:

Procedure included:

Risk Management

Forms included:

Equipment & Plant Check

First Aid Checklist

Forklift Check

Hazardous Substance & Waste Inventory

Job Safety Analysis

Ladder Inspection Record

New Hazardous Substance

New Equipment or Process

Personal Protective Equipment

Pre-employment Questionnaire

Premises Check Office

Premises Check Workshop

Risk Assessment

Risk Register

Site Assessment

Vehicle Check

Steps to follow:

Using the process outlined in the procedure, identify the hazards, assess the risks, apply controls and then reassess the risks and document this on the Risk Register

This will give you a clear picture of your risks that that still have the potential to cause death, serious injury or illness and these are referred to as critical risks

The forms will assist you in monitoring controls that have being put in place

Review the Risk Register at least annually to ensure it is accurate and the controls in place are effective. Critical risks are to be reviewed more frequently e.g. at each Health and Safety Committee meeting

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