Incident Management

Incident data is often an underutilised means of focusing health and safety resources. If you only use a basic incident form and incident register you lose the opportunity to identify areas for improvement by effective investigations and identifying significant trends.

While often simple documentation is adequate for minor incidents, our range of documents assists you to act appropriately and efficiently by involving workers, undertaking meaningful investigations, putting in place corrective actions and learning lessons from past incidents.

Avid Online has an Incident Management document package that contains:

Procedure included:

Incident Management Procedure

Forms included:

Incident Investigation

Incident Register

Incident Report

Return to Work Plan

This pack will assist you in the process of reporting, recording, investigating and analysing all incidents (including all near misses), injuries and work-related illnesses:

The Incident Management Procedure outlines the actions and process to follow to assist with improving culture by a no blame approach, involving and providing feedback to workers and regularly reviewing and analysing incidents, injuries and work-related illnesses

The Incident Report is used to detail the injury, incident or work-related illness

The Incident Investigation form assists you in gathering facts, identifying root causes and detailing remedial actions

The Return to Work Plan outlines a process for developing, recording and monitoring the return to work of injured workers

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Incident Report Incident Investigation Incident Register Return Work Plan