Hazardous Substance Management

If your company deals with hazardous substances, you should be aware of the following issues with regard to their management:

Have you completed an inventory?

Have you worked out what each classification triggers?

Are the Safety Data Sheets current within 5 years and have NZ contact details in Section 1?

Are safety data sheets readily accessible to workers at all work sites?

Have you trained your workers?

Avidonline has a Hazardous Substance and Waste Management document pack that will help your company in addressing these issues. The pack contains:

Procedure included:

Hazardous Substance Management

Forms included:

Hazardous Substance Skill Assessment

Hazardous Substance and Waste Inventory

New Hazardous Substance

This pack will assist you to become compliant with the HSWA (Hazardous Substances) Regulations:

The Hazardous Substance Management Procedure outlines the actions and the process to follow.

The Hazardous Substance Inventory is used to document the substances that are hazardous including how much you have and where it is. To complete the requirements of the inventory ensure you have a current compliant Safety Data Sheet. Once you have completed your inventory then you can work out what requirements the classifications trigger e.g. Location Certificate, Certified Handler, signage, etc.

Workers are to be trained on the hazardous substances they use, use the Hazardous Substance Skill Assessment to record the workers competency.

If the company is purchasing a new hazardous substance then this is recorded on the New Hazardous Substance, this form assists with working through the risk management process.

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Hazardous Substance and Waste Inventory Hazardous Substance Management Procedure Hazardous Substance Skill Assessment