Emergency Management

This month we are focussing on emergency management. It is crucial that you identify what your potential emergencies are then implement a plan on how each emergency will be dealt with:

Have you developed plans for likely emergency situations?

Are you having regular emergency drills?

Are you reviewing your drills to identify areas for improvement?

Are you checking your fire extinguishers and first aid kits?

Have you trained your workers?

Have you appointed and trained wardens?

Are emergency plans covered with visitors and contractors?

Is an Approved Evacuation Scheme required?

Avid Online has an Emergency Management document pack that will help you in addressing these issues. The pack contains:

Emergency Management Procedure

Emergency Drill and Review form

Examples of emergency plans

This pack will assist you in managing emergencies within your workplace:

The Emergency Management Procedure outlines the actions and process to follow.

The Emergency Drill and Review form is used to document emergency drills and the follow up meeting.

Examples of emergency plans that can be tailored to your business.

To buy the pack visit our online shop www.avidplus.co.nz/avidonline

If you need assistance, we have expert advice available, contact us at info@avidplus.co.nz

Emergency Management Procedure Emergency Drill and Review form