Contractor Management

Continuing with our theme of focusing on key components of an effective health and safety system, our next area is contractor management.

One of the key changes brought by the Health and Safety at Work Act was to change the relationship and level of responsibility in relation to your contractors. You share a duty with the employer of your contractor’s workers to consult, coordinate and cooperate to ensure a safe work place. To date these changes have not been widely implemented.

Avid Online has a Contractor Management pack that will help your company in addressing these issues. The pack contains:

Procedure included:

Contractor Management

Forms included:

Approved Contractor Register

Assessing Contractor Health and Safety

Contractor Induction

Contractor Letter

Contractor Monitoring

Contractor Questionnaire

End of Contract Review

Pre-start Contractor Meeting

Self-employed Contractor Questionnaire

Steps to follow:

Firstly, identify who your contractors are, follow the process outlined in the procedure using the following forms: Contractor Letter, Contractor Questionnaire, Self-employed Contractor Questionnaire, Assessing Contractor Health and Safety

This process when followed will give you an Approved Contractors’ Register and an ongoing process outlined in the procedure for contractor monitoring and review

To assist you with meeting the 3C’s (consult, coordinate and cooperate), use the Pre-start Contractor Meeting form that has headings of issues that you should be discussing

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